Peg Wheeler
Candidate for Maine State House District 148

About Peg

Working Hard for the Working Class


Peg Wheeler and her husband moved to Berwick in 1988 to raise a family and start a farm, which they still operate today. They raised their three children here and now have grandchildren in the Berwicks as well.

Peg has played many roles in the local community. She has been a selectwoman, director of the school board, an educator, a veterinary technician, a mother, and now a grandmother. Peg was also the president of the Noble High boys basketball boosters, as well as serving on the Board of Directors for the Maine State Society for Protections of Animals and serving on the York County Animal Rescue Team. She is also the President of the Maine Veterinary Technician Association.

As a veterinary technician, Peg is a naturally nurturing and compassionate person. She is well adept at making hard decisions while being considerate of others. As the owner of her own pet services business, Peg has dealt with the difficulties and rewards of being a small business owner. And as an educator teaching at York County Community College and at the University of Maine Augusta, Peg has proven to be an invaluable member of Maine’s depleting veterinary industry.

Peg is equipped with the passion to make sure all her constituents are heard, as well as the work ethics to represent them properly in Augusta. She is running to make Maine a more fair, sustainable home for the next generations.


Kathy Sheedy, 2019 Berwick Citizen of the Year

“I’ve seen first hand the dedication Peg puts into the offices she holds such as school board director. I support her goal to impact programs that address diversity efforts, access to child care and affordable health insurance.”

Kate Whalen, School Board Director, North Berwick

"Peg Wheeler has the passion, wisdom, and commitment to community that will represent and will serve her constituents in North Berwick. I whole-heartedly support her candidacy for State Representative."

Rebecca Dubay, North Berwick

“Peg Wheeler is a hardworking, trustworthy person. She is a real go-getter and she will

sincerely work for the good of the people.”

On the Issues

Childcare Costs

Maine is full of hard working and educated young women who want to get back to work, but can't because childcare costs can be as much as their income. I believe making childcare affordable will strengthen Maine's workforce and enrich our economy.

Energy Costs

We cannot continue to heat at these prices- it's as simple as that. Maine needs to invest in innovation that will keep energy prices down without destroying our natural areas. And, we are going to continue to lose young Mainers who can't afford to live here anymore.

Our Pets Need Vets

I've watched this issue worsen firsthand every year over the last decade. With veterinarians leaving the state for one reason or another, costs are exploding and Maine families are going to find it harder and harder to get essential care for their pets. Over 63% of Mainers have pets and as the President of the Maine Vet Tech Association, I feel obligated to make sure we are providing a sustainable place for veterinary professionals to practice so that we can be confident that animal health and welfare concerns will be met.

Incentivize Young Mainers

I’ve watched my own children struggle to find a way to afford to buy a home and find affordable childcare. I’ve seen many, many graduates of veterinary school and veterinary technology school leave the state for the same reasons. Between school loans, high energy costs, and lack of affordable childcare, the exodus has been frustrating to watch. Our economy can't afford to lose them.


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